Security Awareness Newsletters

As a part of the Institute’s Security Awareness, Training, and Education program, monthly e-newsletters with tips and advice dealing with IT security issues are sent to all UTIA employees. Each month the CISO will use the e-newsletter to feature current threats, e.g., spear phishing, as well as reminders, like not sharing passwords, updates to policies or procedures, and general IT security information. These e-newsletters help keep us all aware of security matters while also educating us on what to look for and how to report problems.​​​ This page contains the last 12 e-newsletters, as well as the topics covered in each. Newsletters beyond the past 12 months are found in the Knowledge Base under the Security Awareness category.

computer screen showing login

This Week’s Cybersecurity News, 03/16/2023

This news brief contains a reminder about the classification survey, a new threat targeting students, important policy information about passwords, and some update information.

globe with a laptop screen showing data being sorted

This Week’s Cybersecurity News, 03/10/2023

This news brief tells you about the upcoming classification survey, as well as a current phishing threat and a question about scanning for virus scanning.

different tech devices with scam alert warning

This Week’s Cybersecurity News, 02/17/2023

This news brief includes a very important policy reminder, as well as tips on scams, information about Internet headers, and important updates.

Five people standing in front of a large screen background with a handprint.

This Week’s Cybersecurity News. 01/13/2023

This week’s e-newsletter contains information about a couple of current non-threats. It also lets you know about three current threats that have been seen this week. And finally, there are…