Issues Related to De-Identification & Install Anti-Virus Software (“AV”)

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Issues Related to De-Identification

De-identifying PHI according to HIPAA Privacy Rule may enable many research activities; however, the HIPAA Privacy Rule recognizes researchers may need access to, and the ability to generate, identifiable health information during the course of research. Where PHI is needed for research activities, the Privacy Rule permits ts use and disclosure if certain standards are met.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule permits an organization to assign to, and retain with, the health information a code or other means of record identification if that code is not derived from or related to the information about the individual and could not be translated to identify the individual. The organization may not use or disclose the code or other means of record identification for any other purpose and may not disclose its method of re-identifying the information.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Booklet

Install Anti-Virus Software (“AV”)

“Viruses,” “Worms,” and “Trojans” are collectively known as malicious software or Malware. They are a constant threat to any system connected to the Internet.

Malicious software can infiltrate your computer/smartphone without you knowing and can create havoc.

Malware can be stopped by ensuring your computer/smartphone has AV software running on it and the AV software is kept up-to-date.