Personal Password Security & Potential HIPAA Security Violations

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Personal Password Security

Recent hacking events at retail stores and financial institutions have made us more aware about protecting our personal passwords.

How often do you change passwords for your personal online accounts?

Make sure your password includes letters, numbers, and special characters. Create a mental image or an acronym that is easy for you to remember. For example, instead of choosing your 3 year old daughter’s name “Megan”, choose something “Meg@n3” instead. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, a
special symbol, and a number. Don’t use a common dictionary word. You get the point. Be creative! Make your password fun!

Potential HIPAA Security Violations

A thumb drive containing the electronic protected health information (EPHI) of approximately 2,200 individuals was stolen from a vehicle. The entity needed to conduct an accurate and thorough analysis of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality of EPHI as part of the security management process.

Make sure all mobile devices containing PII and PHI (laptops, smartphones, portable USB drives, thumb drives, etc.) are encrypted.