Reporting Phishing Attempts

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If you think an email you have received is a phishing attempt, forward the message to OIT Abuse (

***Remember that you must send the email headers for a report to be made.***

In Outlook, to forward a suspected email message you have received you must first display the full headers, and then insert them into the body of an email message.

  • Open the email message for which you want to view the headers. In the Outlook client, or Outlook Web Access (OWA), double-click the message so that it opens in its own window.
  • In the Outlook client, select the File tab. Click the Properties button. To the right of Internet headers, the header information will be listed.
    • In Outlook Web Access:
      • Go to the three dots in the top-right corner of the specific message you are reporting.
      • In the dropdown menu, choose View, then View Message Details.
      • The “Message details” box contains the full Internet headers.
  • The message headers are at the bottom of the window, in a box labeled Headers: or Internet headers:
  • Select all the headers by clicking and dragging the cursor from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the header text.
  • Press Ctrl-c to copy the headers to the Clipboard. Click the Close button.
  • Choose to forward the email, click in its main text window, and press Ctrl-v to paste the headers, sending the entire message and headers to OIT Abuse and copy me.