UTIA Payment Card Industry (PCI) Training Instructions

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f you are a UT merchant employee, you are required to take PCI training on an at least annual basis, per UTIA IT0311 –Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Policy and UTIA IT0312 –Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Awareness Program. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (Institute), which includes the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), is using the training supplied by UT System Administration (UTSA).

The training is in K@TE does not have to be specifically assigned by the Institute’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). K@TE will keep track of the training and will give the appropriate credit in IRIS, and can be found by doing the following:

  1. Go to Learning at the top left.
  2. Don’t click, but when you hover over Learning, you get the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Learning Search.
  4. Go to the search box under the Learning Search heading and type in PCI.
  5. There is only one option and that is the PCI DSS Security Awareness Training.
    • Once someone completes the training, they should receive a certificate of completion via email.
    • Please have that person forward the certificate to the CISO. The person should also copy the merchant Primary Point-of-Contact (POC).

All personnel who will be involved in any part of the processing of credit cards must have this training prior to processing credit cards.It is the responsibility of the merchant Primary POC to see that the person completes this training prior to being authorized for processing credit cards. All current personnel involved in credit card processing will be contacted annually to complete the training,