This Week’s Cybersecurity News, 08/23/2023

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Good morning!

This week is a great time for the University as our students have returned! But when students return, so do a lot of cyber scams that target our student population. The Institute’s student workers receive these newsletters, but the rest of the students are often left uninformed of current threats. I hope that you will please share these newsletters with the students in your lives, whether in your classrooms, labs, or family.

In addition, with all the tragedies across the country and the world, hackers take these horrific times and prey on those who are so willing to help. Please take extra caution when giving online. If you receive an email asking you to give, please consider that the email is a likely scam. If you choose to donate, go to a trusted organization and manually type in their known address. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to help others.

Current Threats

  • Job Opportunities (phishing email)
    • The sender varies, but currently appears to be a current employee from
    • The subject is PART TIME BITCOIN REMOTE JOB.
    • The actual content says that volunteers are being sought for bitcoin surveys and that the volunteers must visit at least one BITCOIN ATM every week for a survey.
    • The content adds that you will be paid $350 upon every task performed, with a minimum of three tasks per week (please note that they are seeking volunteers for the surveys, but volunteers are known for giving their time with NO financial gain)!
    • The content adds that you can apply for this position by contacting Thomas Scott, who has given a gmail address and requests that you provide him with “your alternative email address, NOT your Work/School email to fasten your application processing.”
    • These emails are NOT from someone at UTIA or any part of the UT System, nor on behalf of someone at UTIA or any part of the UT System.
    • These emails are often sent to employees, but also target our students who may think it is an opportunity to earn easy money.
    • If you receive an email like this, or any other suspicious email, please report it using the Reporting Phishing Attempts instructions.
  • Retirement Benefits (phishing email)
    • The sender may vary, but a current one is Financial Consult <>.
    • The subject is Retirement Evaluations.
    • The content invites you to speak with a qualified agent to answer your questions about “pension benefits, your basic retirement plan and review your employer sponsored accounts.”
    • There is a link for scheduling an appointment.
    • Please do NOT click!
    • This “qualified agent” is in no way affiliated with UT and is likely scheduling the appointment in an effort to steal your personal information.
    • If you receive an email like this, or any other suspicious email, please report it using the Reporting Phishing Attempts instructions.

Thank you all so much for everything you do every single day to protect the Institute and its data. Please let me know any time you have any questions or concerns when it comes to IT security!

Have a great rest of the week!


Important Note: Thank you so much for sharing these e-newsletters with family, friends, clients, students, and anyone else who may benefit from the information. I would like to stress that you should keep your students in mind, as non-employee students will not get this information without someone sharing. If anyone has an email group for students who are not employees of your department, please let me know what that address is and I can include it. I do this as a blind copy so student names and addresses will not show up!